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"OK, first mod, i got a new hood, the other one blew away in the highway!!
Second mod is the ngk tune up, the other one was due and the spark plugs were a mess.
The third mod is going to be 4 wheels brakes perforated with wagner pads and new calipers if i need.
The fourth mod is going to be second stage clutch kit.
The goes the paint, the new motor JDM , the overhaul of my suspension nad chipping my comp. But thats too far away for me since im still studying."

That was at first when i was just beginning,

the real mods up to now,

1 i did the hood, tune up and brakes parts. brakes suck so ill get new ones later.

2 i did my first ZE swap with CAI, stage 3 bully clutch, mx3 lightweighted flywheel, the tune up, headers, high flow cat, and borla catback all at the same time. Took me about 4 days :p.

But before that, i bought 4 fast wheels inferno platinum style with 4 brand new nankang ns1 tires 215/45/17.

Now, iwas planning to do a paint job this winter but its not worthy since i changed my idea and though to buy cb hood and trunk.

but still, im going to change all the suspension in new with awr kit, tokiko illumina struts and eibach springs by the beginning of 2009. And i need to change my tranny, this one started leaking and i dont want to explode it in the race track.

anyways, this car is modded to do future race lapping annd not drags.
no body kit, no audio or showroom mods. sleeper with the always rusting doors.

Also i got my new winter beater, a 2002 crown victoria police pack with studded winter tires for more fun while waiting summer.



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