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I've owned a mazda 626 gt coupe since 1990 and that car was sadly beond repair due to rust, so I bought an MX6 2,2 turbo recently and spent 3 months fixing it up, It's running great, still have small time troubles but that's half of the fun. (finding problems and fixing them), what I've done so far is, welded up the underside of the car, including trunk and side pockets, installed new shocks and lowering springs new brake disks and pads all around, new maf sensor new spark plugs and wires, fixed the front end (car got into an accident 6 years ago and never fixed properly until now), new headlights installed, the exhaust was new when I bought it, and alot of other stuff.....

at the moment I own 3 mazdas

1988 mazda 626 gt coupe with the 2,0 FE3 dohc
1988 mazda 626 gt 5 door with the 2,0 FE3 dohc and 4 wheel steering
1989 mazda mx 6 gt with the 2,2 F2T turbo


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