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General Information

Mx-6 Turbo
Mod list as of 4/7/07

-- MOTOR ---
- Cryo-treated
- Wiseco forged 8.5c/r pistons
- Wiseco moly rings
- Pauter forged billet 4340 rods
- Toga high volume oil pump
- Clevite 77 custom racing rod, thrust, & main bearings
- Balanced crankshaft
- 3 angle valve job w/ custom ferrea oversized valves
- port matched to high perf. gaskets
- polished
Turbo Setup:
- Turbonetics T3/T4 60 trim comp .63 a/r Stg 3 Turbine
- Turbonetics Godzilla B.O.V.
- TurboSmart 38mm wastegate
- PWR "barrel" style Air-to-water chargecooler
- Stainless "hot" pipes
- Personally Fabricated intercooler pipes
- All "Earls" fittings and stainless braided line for oil supply/drain
Other motor stuff:
- gutted vris system from manifold
- removed AC system and cooling fan for ac
--- Other Performance ---
- 4" exhaust from downpipe to y-pipe & dual 2.5" pipes going to two Mugen twin-loop mufflers (nice and queit but WIDE OPEN FLOW)
- I have a megasquirt just need installer/programmer to make it less of a potential nightmare
- Clutchmaster Stg3 Clutch
- B&M short shifter (it wasn't short enough for me so I took off another 1.75 inches)
- Brembo Cross drilled rotors
- U-joint Axles (im currently underway on fabricating these)
--- Appearance & Safety ---
- House of Kolors - Lake Violet Pearl
- Buddy Club body kit
- Carbon fiber oem hood
- Body kit is fully molded
- Halo headlights
- IKON 17" Wheels
- Black 17" wheels w/ drag radials for the track
- Entirely Stripped except for dash and door panels
"yay i have a homemade 2-seater now"
- Six point roll cage
- Six point harnesses
- Emergency fuel cutoff