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Noble Green
LS, Leather, Premium Sound
The car has 224,000 miles and I bought it from a dude in Longview, WA from a craigslist ad. He wanted something smaller that gets better gas mileage and didnt have all of the issues this thing had. I wanted a second gen that was in good shape and drives nice. I got what I wanted, but now comes the long task of restoring it.
1993 Mazda MX-6 (Noble Green)


Car is stock for the most part. It does now have a cold-air intake, ngk v-power plugs, magnecore 8.5mm superconductor wires, and I always run it on premium gas.
Drivers seat has rips but other then that the rest of the interior is in pretty decent shape. Its the tan leather interior. I'd prefer it be black, but beggars can't be choosers. I'll see about swapping to black if I can find a good shape interior.
Interpret modifications to mean work completed. So far I have pulled out several dents and straightened up the back end. The car got schmucked by something in its past which pushed in the rear quarter panel, pushed in the taillight and cracked it, and bent up the trunk lid slightly. All of these issues have been addressed and the car is now straight throughout. I have a few more dents to pull/fill but after that it will be ready for paint
I tore out the stock cassette player and stock CD player and installed my own equipment. I am running a Sony X-Plod Digital Media Player that plays media off of usb drives, mp3 players, and bluetooth. The stereo is powering four Pioneer 3-way speakers as well as the stock front tweeters. Then I have rca's going to the back running a 1200watt monoblock amp. The amp is powering a 10" 1000watt sub in a sealed enclosure. It pumps the trunk well enough. I listen to metal so I just need it to be responsive enough to hit with each double-bass beat. It does its job well :).
stock suspension
Wheel and Tire
The previous owner installed aftermarket 16" wheels that are really light. Something like 15-16lbs. Mounted on them is 205-40ZR16 toyo proxes tires. I love the look of the low profile but it does give me a bad speedo error. I'll keep them until they start to go, then I'll replace with a 50 series tire.



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