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General Information


[COLOR="Blue"]2.7l KLde/ze[/COLOR]
*TKT Big bore Kit bottom end on a KLDE block
*10:1 Compression
*Ross pistons
*Eagle rods​
[COLOR="Blue"]KLZE Heads[/COLOR]
*Interprep valve springs
*KL03 retainers
*Colt Cams Race grind on intake side/Turbo grind on exhaust side
*Gutted KLDE IM (no vris)
*65mm throttlebody
*NGK V-power BKR7E11 spark plugs
*NGK plug wires with coil pack boots​
[COLOR="Blue"]Forced Induction[/COLOR]
*Ebay Hot pipes
*Custom I/C pipes
*T3/T4 turbo
*JDM Sport 38mm external wastegate (8.7 psi spring)
*JDM Sport 50mm blow off valve
*28x10x2.5 Bar & Plate I/C
*Solid turbo feed line (made from brake line)
*Turbo drain line made out of copper pipe
*Custom Oil Pan with drain bung
*Greddy full auto turbo timer​
[COLOR="Blue"]Fuel System[/COLOR]
*Walbro 255lph fuel pump
*Mazda 929 310CC injectors with PSE Injector plugs
*Ebay AFPR @ 50psi​
[COLOR="Blue"]Engine Management[/COLOR]
*Megasquirt I V3.0
*Complete Standalone EMS (Fuel and Spark/Timing control)
*Coil packs
*Launch control/flatshift​
[COLOR="Blue"]Clutch system[/COLOR]
*Fidanza 9lb flywheel
*ACT 6 puck unsprung disc
*OEM pressure plate
*OEM throw out bearing​


*2.5" mandrel bent galvanized steel​
*1 12" ebay resonator with wideband bung
*1 28" magnaflow 2.5" resonator​
*Kosfab Fatty​


*KYB GR-2 struts
*Ebay coilovers (Front and rear)
*PT 16mm rear sway bar
*Custom F&R Solid 1 piece strut bars​
*Goodridge Stainless brake lines
*Hawk HPS brake pads
*DOT-4 brake fluid (is that a mod?)​


*Complete re-wire of the entire car.
*Removed all un-used systems and components from car
*All wires in the engine bay are hidden
*Engine harness is on 2 main plugs for easy engine removal
*Shaved Bay, all surfaces covered with sheet metal for smoothness
*Jet black Single stage paint​
*Painted engine/trans with Rustoleum Aluminum paint
*Anodized Blue valve covers
*Anodized Blue cam gears
*Anodized Blue fuel rails
*Anodized Blue compressor housing
*Anodized Blue alternator casing
*Anodized Blue blow off valve cap
*Logos and Timing belt covers shaved off valve covers
*Stainless allen key valve cover bolts​
*Added mud flaps on the front and rear
*Custom headlights made from Mitsubishi Eclipse aftermarket headlights
*De-baged. De-winged
*Probe GT 5 star rims​
*Reverse glow gauges
*Modified dash panel, Includes Ignition key, Push start button, and ECU kill switch
*Custom HVAC replacement panel, houses Parking light switch, Headlight switch, Fan switch, and turbo timer
*Custom pocket replacement panel, houses Boost gauge, Oil pressure gauge, and wideband


[COLOR="Blue"]Head Unit[/COLOR]
*Alpine CDA-9856​
*Monster 16ga speaker wire​
*Infinity Kappa 5x7s​

[COLOR="Red"]Custom Self-Fabricated Parts[/COLOR]

*Lateral support bar for front motor mount
*Traction bars (thanks to KING6 for the how-to)
*Solid motor mounts
*MX3 rear trans mount
*Lateral crossmember for rear of engine (supports MX3 rear mount)
*Front and rear strut bars
*Megasquirt Mounting assembly behind dash
*Battery box mounted in the trunk​


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