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MX-6 M-Edition
Using this as a daily driver, so I'm looking for a good balance between good performance and a smooth/comfortable ride. I'm also getting 23-25 mpg with this great car, I love it. I've hit the 150,000 mile mark in Feb 2009, and I'm kinda sad that my MX-6 has been through so much. :(

If any of you have any suggestions or advice, please don't hesitate to hit me up. Thanks.

Currently Installed:
  • KLZE Engine
  • Custom CAI
  • Pacesetter Headers
  • Currently running cat-less
  • E-Spec headlights (Looking into HIDs)
  • Tokico shocks/springs
  • Short throw shifter
  • Various cosmetic stuff, indiglo dash w/ CF bezel
  • 17" Satin Bronze "Clutch" Rims by HD Tuning
  • 20% Window tint all around
  • Removed body side molding
  • Previous owner replaced original M-Edition taillights with regular ones and tinted them red (Why? I don't know), but I need to find M-Edition taillights for my MX-6
  • Parrot ASTEROID Classic

Things to do:
  • Investigate HLA Ticking (Quieted a lot since switching to synth oil)
  • Investigate high idle (Probably TB/TPS issues)
  • Replace Clutch and Flywheel (Probably will go Clutchmasters)
  • Install Mazda6 big brake kit
  • Power steering squealing when cold
  • Pass Emissions!! (Umpossible now with KLZE..)
  • Replace Exhaust (Brüllen Catback)
  • Upgrade to heavy-duty battery and maybe relocate to trunk
  • Full repaint
    • Shave rear emblems, antenna too
    • Fix dents in body
    • Go spoilerless?
    • Lip spoiler? (Lip spoiler in hand, not yet painted)
    • Keep stock spoiler?

Lots of things wrong with her and want to fix, but no money :(
More pictures are on the way.



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I would say no to the CF trunk... but it is your car... and for the spoiler i would say a small lip would be the best like the one on the top of this page>>

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218 cams and interprep valve springs