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She isnt the most beautiful, but she sure does look gorgeous to me! Fixed tons of little problems, rebuilt the tranny (with lots of help from friends on here and friends at home :p ), put in a new battery when the old one crapped out, then a new alternator when mine wasnt charging anymore, and replaced the AC/steering belt and alt belt. So many problems with this baby, its a wonder I didnt just give up from the start. In all though, have only spent a little under $1K, which includes the cost of the car, so it deffinately wasnt a bad investment. Hopefully now, once I put the differential gear from the new tranny I bought from into my old tranny (new one was a digi and old tranny is an analog, so i would have to change ALOT to beable to just swap the tranny...) my ATX tranny will finally work like its supposed to and there will be NO MORE FLASHING HOLD LIGHT!

Anywho, my plans for now arent too main one is cleaning to outside of the car up as best I can with some good old fashioned soap, water, wax, and hard work. With those blue and red stripes gone, I have a pure white 6, with a few rust spots - one right above the grill and the other right above the drivers rear wheel well. Other then that, once I get all the regular problems fixed, Ill start adding (rather, hoping to add) some more "performance" type parts rather then just making it look cool. I would much rather have a car that looked like a junker until you lifted the hood rather than a car that looks like a beast UNTIL you lift the hood.

I will upload some more recent pictures of her, these are when I first bought it and those stickers and dice are no longer there....But also some idiot backed into me in the parking lot of Wal-Mart and dented in my grill a bit - although it actually looks nicer w/o the grill, I hate the big rip in the body....That is my next project, to take off the front end and fix it up...



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