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Well, this is my 1994 Mazda MX6 V6 5 speed standard.
I just picked her up a little under two weeks ago, and I've loved every second of owning her.
Shes my second car, the first car I had was a 2001 Saturn L200, but thats got written off when a taxi hit me.

I'm looking at completely restoring the car when summer comes around.
It's currently painted Jaguar Racing Green, but whoever did the job wasn't very good. There's rust around the windsheild, and the weather stripping on the back window wasn't properly put back on, so it's sticking off.

The car has full leather, sunroof, and power everything.
It came with 17" Inferno Racing rims with brand new low profile tires and the stock rims spray painted black with snow tires on them.
I'd say for $2000.00 CDN it wasn't a bad deal at all.

I have huge plans for this car. Repaiting it either the Jaguar Racing Green or going black with red metallic.
If I go with the black, I'll be redoing the leather black with red stitching. Same with the roof, carpet, and dash. The leather is currently beige, and it's not very pretty.

Right now, nothing is done to it, other then the rims (which are put away for the winter) and the lowering springs that came on it when I bought it.

Oh, and the car is originally from Texas.



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