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This long term project is finally coming togheter. Originaly was a automatic OBD2 set up in there but now it is 5 speed OBD1 to allow me to get the KLZE in there soon. I need help at this time for my big brake conversion. I need sources and people that did it already to share feedback with me!!

Back on the Forums, pushing the swap further.....ZE Turbo now, hope it all goes well!!!

Thanks for the Big Brake information, I got Wilwood 4 piston 13 inches and its great!

So I have a ZE on the way, custom manifold as well as a Turbo kit...

I need ECU information as there are contreverse on the 31 vs 36....Some say to read the BIG letters on the ECU and to go by them and some say to go with the small model number as its reverse from the big letters.... Please help, project need to go forward!



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Lookin' good. You can contact T_Dubb on here. He has a big brake kit. Smart dude too.