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I bought my car for my birthday when i turned 22, and now i just cant stop thinking about what my next mod should be. I did all the little, less time consuming stuff lately because i havent put the car away for the winter yet, but now shortly it will be getting torn down for the big overhauling. Body kit, paint, little custom fenders, still debating if i should build it wide body, but winter isnt that long so im not sure ill have time for that. Bought my pearl paint already, new spray guns, so thats good to go. Gotta order my bodykit after [shizzle]ty christmas. I doubt ill get the motor work done this winter. Unless I find some sweet heads somewhere and just switch them quick. No biggy. Incase you havent noticed, i do ALL my car work myself. From custom interiors, suspension, paint and body work, and oh yes even motor and tranny work. Im a true tuner, are you?


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