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MX6 V6 LS 2.5L
My MX6!!!! A work in progress 
Hey all and glad to be here amongst the like minded, the gear drivin'... Those who don't think factory is satisfactory.

Here's the story so far... I picked up this little MX6 recently and have been trying to figure out where to start on it. It needed a tune up bad, and after sinking a lot of time, effort and money into it, I have the car running and driving solid. The good news was there weren't any metal shavings in the pitch black oil that i drained out, the bad news is that when replacing the rear brake pads we realized that the calipers were trashed. Fast forward a few hours, and we are attempting to remove the frozen up caliper with a torch. Fast forward a few more and we were drinking a few cold ones and cussing the brakes. A little bit after that the caliper pin finally gave in and snapped leaving a nice area to tap the end and eventually pull it out.

I put some good stuff under the hood... New mag wound plug wires and 6 shiny new NGK Iridium plugs (which i managed to get for a measly 40 bucks!)
I also changed out all the regular tune up stuff, fuel filter, a few belts, oil filter etc.

So now that I have the car to a good running and dependable state it's time to start getting it looking good and squeezing out more hp. The body needs some help to say the least, it looks like it drove behind a gravel truck for five years, tiny dents all over the body. I'm using that as an excuse to get my autobody chops up, I've haven't done much body work so this will be an adventure.

Well see what the months ahead hold for it. I'm so anxious to have it look like I know it can, but these things take time. I know, i know, half the fun of this is the time spent getting everything just right, but i can close my eyes and see myself driving down the street with a totally smokin' custom car.

Dash Electronics are fixed! 
Here's a quick update about the MX6 progress...

Even though I'm packing to move in a few days I've still been out there working and plugging away at my car. Yes some of it was needed, like having a working dash cluster and easily accessible switches for lights, cruise etc, but some of it just had to be for fun too. I had a few sets of LEDs laying around and decided it was time to throw them in, so under the dash i go, bending and twisting and reaching to find good spots to mount the lights. It wasn't as hard as I had expected, the passenger side light literally slipped into a spot where its cradled and very secure with a little bit of double sided foam tape. The driver side was a bit more of a challenge, but I finally got it up in there with a bit of creativity and a slight back ache. Results... It looks very good, a mice subtle glow emanating out across the floorboards. It looked so good in fact that I decided to go all the way and install a nice toggle switch and a power light in the center console. A few minutes of work and the console is out and easy to work with. I drilled two holes, cleaned up the edges for smoothness, and inserted the switch and light. Wiring it up was a snap too, just have a power lead to the switch and out of that merge your positive wire for your power light as well as the LEDs that you installed. Group all negatives together and find a good place to ground to the car. Remember!! Always ground to bare metal!

I'll have some photos up of my nicer looking interior shortly...

Rims and Tires Replaced! 
Here's another update about the MX6 progress...

Well I finally got all my money together at a time when the planets were all aligned and I was able to get my new rims and tires. I have been needing this badly and am so happy to have them now. The rims that were on it when I got the car were four random 14" junk yard rims, all very beat up and not all the same size. I had one rim that was a 5x115 lug spacing that required a hammer to remove. I was afraid the lug studs would be messed up but I got lucky. We only had to remove and replace one stud. As for rims, I went with a set of very nice looking 18x8" by Mod-Tech, which I am very happy with so far. For tires I went with a set of Toyo Proxes 4 in 215/35/18. Needless to say, the car feels about 10000 times better now! The car has a bit of a shake around 20 and 50 mph so tomorrow I am going to get a 4 wheel alignment done.

Cheers & High Gears,


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