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General Information

Brief History:
Back in November my Civic got stolen, so I just needed to get a car that would get me back and forth from school. I looked on Craigslist and the MX-6 met my only requirement... it was drivable (it also looked kind of cool with the Shogun body kit). I got the car for relatively cheap. After finding I realized how much potential the car had and how good it could look if I put some time into it.

When I bought my car it had three layers of paint on it. The previous owner got the car sprayed and had all the dents "repaired" for only $500 and it certainly showed. Before I began removing the paint and body filler, the paint would chip off at the slightest touch, chunks of bondo were coming off at least an inch and a half thick (especially around the body kit). From what I can tell there was no prep work done what so ever.

My Goal:
Repaint the car electron blue.

My Plan:
(COMPLETE) - Remove all layers of paint with "Savogran SuperStrip"
(COMPLETE) - Remove all Bondo with a "3M Paint & Rust Stripping Wheel"
(COMPLETE) - Remove Shogun body kit
(IN PROGRESS) - Remove Rust with "_________"
(IN COMPLETE) - Pull large dents with a dent puller
(IN COMPLETE) - Fill dents with "Evercoat Rage Extreme" body filler
(IN COMPLETE) - Prime with "_______________" primer (x times)
(IN COMPLETE) - Sand with "_______________"
(IN COMPLETE) - Paint with "_______________" paint (x times)
(IN COMPLETE) - Clear coat with "___________" clear coat (x times)
(IN COMPLETE) - Buff with "________________"
(IN COMPLETE) - Wait x Months
(IN COMPLETE) - Wax with "________________"

I have succeeded in removing the body kit (which will be put back on after the painting is done), all the Bondo, and most of the paint while I was at my parents house in Houston. Unfortunately I wasn't able to prime the car before I had to return to school in San Antonio. My apartment does not have any garages or covered parking, so as you can imagine the car rusted like crazy.


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