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  1. 1G MX6 General
    Hello, I got my 91' Mazda MX6 GT on the road a few months ago thanks the help of some kind people on here on where to find parts and was hoping I could get a little more help today on getting it started and running again. I have already made sure it is getting air by taking the charge pipe off...
  2. 1G MX6 General
    So I have a 1990 mx-6 LX, the F2 motor only has 58k miles on it but I have realized this engine kinda sucks. I realize to get more power I have a few options, turbo the f2, import an FE-DOHC from Japan and turbo that, or swap in the V6 from the second gen. I tried reading about turboing the F2...
1-2 of 2 Results