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    Hello, I've recently bought an 84' B2000 and wanted to do a fairly budget friendly engine swap when I stumbled upon a good deal on an F2T from an 89' MX-6 (2.2L Turbocharged) and after a bit of research. Apparently, these engines can be converted to RWD and bolt right up to a stock B2000...
  2. Wanted to Buy
    Piston number 3 decided it had enough of the abuse while doing a pull the other night and added a handy cooling passage to itself, combustion chamber is more metal flakes than actual chamber Now. Looking for a head if anyone has one laying around before I harass a million local junk yards for a...
  3. 1G MX6 Engine Electronics and Management
    I've done it again, bought myself another Mx6, clearly my last one didn't teach me any good lessons lol ;) Anyway, the car is absolutely off tap - but Jesus Christ, it desperately needs a tune. I do have a hand controller with it, yet it's an LTS model hand controller (not sure if that affects...
1-3 of 3 Results