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  1. MX-6 Misfire Causes Help

    Hello everybody! I'm currently searching for a mazda MX-6 and I have found a '96 model for a pretty good price with relativley low kilometres on the clock. In the description it is mentioned that there is a misfire. Apparently coil packs have been replaced along with spark plugs, fuel pump and...
  2. Shutter valve actuator

    2G MX6 Engine Electronics and Management
    Hey can anyone help but i need the washers that hold the shutter valve actuator but i cant seem to find it online and ive gone to the dealer but they dont have them but the actuator its self pls can someone help me?
  3. Portland, OR - Mx6 for sale, 300

    1G MX6 General
    I've got a week to get rid of her. She's a base model that's been converted to a GT by the previous owner. Around 333,000 miles on the odometer. Can't afford to keep up with her anymore. She's got an oil leak coming from the turbo, which is why it's sitting in the driveway, dead battery and all...