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  1. 2G MX6 General
    Hi, all I'm looking for insight. A few weeks ago I picked up a '94 LS (138K mi) for a good price. Engine on the test drive seemed strong, manual trans is tight, brakes are happy. I'm pleased. Fast forward and it's turning into a nice DD which is what I'm looking for...
  2. Mazda 626
    Hi! I know I know its not a 626 but xedos 6, from what I understand the xedos 6 is based on the 626. Anyway! Last week I got my hands on a 1999 2.0 V6 (kf) xedos 6. I also happened to have a klze laying I chose to LS swap it I mean klze swap it. Here she is As of now the klze...
1-2 of 2 Results