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    Hi Im a new member at this forum from indonesia. Im about to do an engine swap for my mazda 323f BG with a KL-ZE V6. I have been looking through market place for the donor car engine which is Mazda 626 Cronos. I have been through a lot of listing but can't tell if the engine are ZE or DE I...
    As the title says, I'm located in Germany. 79618.
  3. General Automotive
    Swapped in a KLZE and have had the wiring plugged in from a tuner shop, still has the stock ecu the engine turns but there’s no spark, does anyone know if this could be due to the stock ecu or is it more likely a distributor problem?
  4. Mazda 626
    Hi! I know I know its not a 626 but xedos 6, from what I understand the xedos 6 is based on the 626. Anyway! Last week I got my hands on a 1999 2.0 V6 (kf) xedos 6. I also happened to have a klze laying I chose to LS swap it I mean klze swap it. Here she is As of now the klze...
  5. 2G MX6 General
    I live near TORONTO, I have a klze curve neck that i would like rebuilt. I also have a Garret Ar60 turbo with all accessories to install. I looking for someone who can rebuild my KL and prepare it for the turbo.
1-5 of 5 Results