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  1. 1G MX6 General
    Hello, I got my 91' Mazda MX6 GT on the road a few months ago thanks the help of some kind people on here on where to find parts and was hoping I could get a little more help today on getting it started and running again. I have already made sure it is getting air by taking the charge pipe off...
  2. 2G MX6 Appearance Mods
    Someone in the community asked if anyone has done an fd swap on an mx6, and I haven't seen one personally so i decided to. and I kinda hate it, but I thought I'd share.
    Hey all. Looking for a full body kit for my 97’ mx-6. I am located in Victoria, Australia. Does anyone have any recommendations on where i’d be able to get one? Thanks, Jay.
  4. 2G FAQ: Maintenance & Repair
    Hello everyone, I was wondering if you can help me with a problem im having with my mx6 1992. Whenever its hot outside it will start and then stall. Usually it would idle normaly at night when its cold around 850rpm. But if i push it above 3000 it wold stall. I was thinking it might be a faulty...
    Hello, just bought a slightly modified MX6 1992, for 2700€. The previous owner did a fantastic job, putting on race suspension and some other mods. What do you think the first mods from now on should be. Lets see where we can take Everligh (the name of the car) to ;)
    i’m new to the group and i just discovered what you could do to a MX6 about a hour ago. if i was gonna swap it, i’d like it to be a Tribute or mazda6 engine but i’m not sure if it’ll fit right. i’ve heard you can swap a KLZE but there aren’t any for sale. any clue if i can?
  8. 2G MX6 Appearance Mods
    As the title says i wanna know if this front Can cover my front of my MX6 I just bought this MX6 and i don't like this modified front, is the first Mazda MX6 that i see in my country so almost impossible to found the original front bumper. Thanks in advance.
  9. 2G MX6 Engine Electronics and Management
    Hey can anyone help but i need the washers that hold the shutter valve actuator but i cant seem to find it online and ive gone to the dealer but they dont have them but the actuator its self pls can someone help me?
  10. Wanted to Buy
    I am looking for probes and mx6's available for sale in Texas. GT preferred in any condition! Please someone have one lol. Trying get back in the game after I lost mine... Im located in Austin, Texas.
1-10 of 10 Results