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    Does anyone have any specific information on boring our KL fuel rails? I'm currently building a 400HP KL with fully forged internals and a toyota trans. This is one of my last hurdles that I'm having a hard time finding information on.
    Hey guys!!! I have a 1994 ford probe gt and I'm here for the same reason as everyone else. I'm looking for more power! My plan is too bring my klde probe up too 400whp. I'm going the turbo route and I have a full shop at my disposal so I'm capable of building the car. The turbo I have chosen for...
    Message for more details
  5. 1G MX6 General
    Hello again all, quick update on the telstar, pulled off the rusted out fenders, getting nicer ones freighted from Vic, will be going in for actual rust repair too as the sills are pretty bad and also some of the area behind the fenders. There's a spot in the boot, but at the moment it's a case...
  6. 1988 telstar tx5 project

    Picked this bad boy up for 2250 about a month ago, 2 spare gearboxes, (both are probably cooked) i knkw ones got a blown 5th but its aight. Was the last owners project csr which he didn't really finish so I'm now in the process of getting it back on the road
  7. Australia & New Zealand
    Been browsing around on marketplace a bunch as always and cam across a 88 tx5 turbo with a spare motor, turbo and box for 2750. Is it too much? They seem really rare as I've never even heard of a turbo version of them before now. I've done a bunch of research on power mods and they honestly seem...
  8. Wanted to Buy
    Hey all, I am new to the F2T game but have been a car nut for a long time (24+ cars later I get my first turbo). I was wondering if anyone was squatting on one of the custom o2 housings just collecting dust? Lets make a deal. -Neen-
  9. 2G MX6 General
    I live near TORONTO, I have a klze curve neck that i would like rebuilt. I also have a Garret Ar60 turbo with all accessories to install. I looking for someone who can rebuild my KL and prepare it for the turbo.
1-9 of 9 Results