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03 Mazda 6 3.0l V6

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I'm selling my 03 Mazda 6. It's a 3.0l V6 DOHC with 119XXX miles. It runs and drives great and is really smooth. Gets about 30mpg. It has 17' konig rims with almost new yokohama tires. Reason i'm selling is because i found a trans am that i'm looking into buying. I still owe a bit less than 7000 on the car. So the deal is 3000 down and take over payments or 9000 full. The monthly payments are 240.
Any other questions feel free to ask or call (956) 681-6465. I'm located in Edinburg, Texas. If i don't answer then leave a message. Thank you.

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Bump. nobody interested in this beauty?
I just approved your post yesterday. Please dont bump it. It was already at the top.
This is older but I came across it... still around I will take it wait how far are you again lol.
You may have to call him, he hasn't been active since the 16th...

Looks nice though.
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