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16" wheels to fit our cars.

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Wheels bolt straight up to the car. Same wheels as on my car:

Brand new, never used, still in boxes.

Asking $250 ono. Wheels are in Toowoomba.

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Those rims look familiar.......

If I hadn't just bought brand new tyres I would get those....

Yeah, they're a cheap, decent looking 16" rim...

Don't know why they'd look familiar? I really like em, everyone says they look good on my car.
haha, i know what 'car' those wheels are off!
Who cares what 'car' they came off (actually, never went on).

You can't deny they look good.
The wheels are in Toowoomba.
well like the rims I,ll get them off your hads email me at [email protected]
Not sure if Paul is still selling these since that post was made about 10months ago.

If he doesn't reply here in the next week or so, send me a PM and I'll ring him and ask for you. He May even be coming on the cruise next week, so if you live in Brisbane, then come along.

well if he still got them i want the rims but i am from connecticut so i dont know if he ship them out
Well, I have an interest in them also, if he still has them.

But, I would like to know how heavy they are
Hi all...

No I don't think they'd be worth shipping to America... Melbourne, wouldn't be a problem and yeah. They're still available.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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