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17's for sale

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17's for sale price drop to $550

avanti 17X8 7 spokes for sale, with tyres 70-80% life 215/45/17
brisbane north
please note large offset, not sure what but i had to roll gaurds on my TX5

call marty 0403420032 or email [email protected] note i dont get on here anymore since the telly got ramed in the ass
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like the wheels, would they fit under an 89 gen 1 mx6 turbo?
only just picked it up and would like to dress it up a bit and where better to start than wheels?:cool:

any one got any ideas on fitment to suit my rig?:confused:
well assuming its a first gen then yes.. wel actually it should fit both models new and old.. but gaurd rolling would need to be in order.
yeah they will fit fist gen and second gen they came off my tx5 turbo 89 which had super low kings in it all round, and only had very minor scrubbing with a DIY roll job, the'll also fit evo 6 perfectly without the use off spacers if you really want, and some nissans toos
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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