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18in G.Max "Aspire" rims with tyres

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These were bought in December last year - bought for $2960 if I recall. And I wanna sell them and get something different.
One of the rims has a dimple, and another has a light rash from when it was put face down :(
Rims will be clayed and polished if sale proceeds.

$1500 FIRM for the rims and tyres.
$300 per rim if you just want the rim.

Pic 1,2 about a week or two after I bought them.
Pic 3, most recent picture after geting rear ended by a P-Plater :tdown:

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what tyres (size and brand) are on the rims? and how wide are the rims themselves?

those rims are teh seks..
Tyres: Federal 215/35 18
Rims: G.Max Aspires 18in x 7.5in wide, 5 stud pattern
where do you buy a body kit for the 1st gen?!?!? I can't ever find one...that one looks tight as hell...
Hey, what year is that mx6? If its an 89, you have to tell me where you got that body kit, because I, like the above member cannot find any body kits for this year.
Interesting nickname. You should audition in some movies..
Any info on where to find body kits for these cars would be much appreciated.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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