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I have several factory F2 Catalytic converters, some on cars and some in my garage.

Right now Palladium is 2,102.40 USD per ounce. Platinum is 767.68 USD per ounce and Rhodium is 7,600.00 USD per ounce. So Catalytic scrapers are paying more right now than they have in quite some time.
There is a buyer from Montreal who keeps harassing me to sell the Cats I have to him, He buys them from the Body shop next door and they gave him my phone number. He has been calling a lot lately.
There are 3 types of people. Type one know money has no actual value, know they need some to live and do what they do out of passion and pride. Type two think money is worth everything, want as much as they can get, as long as they get more than the other person they think it's a victory and do what they do for money. Type three are average or below, take remedial jobs with low pay, do what they do because they have to, never apply themselves and tend to be naive (the masses).
Type two people aren't evil or bad they are just conditioned by the ideals of profit and are bad to deal with. Many people who are new to North America had to work very hard just to survive and realize they can get rich here and go overboard, others lived by the screw them before they screw me mentality and some brought it here with them and fit into the Type two people category. Again not bad just bad be around and take advantage of type three people to thrive.
This Montreal buyer is definitely a type two person.
I have dealt with all 3 types of people, I have never taken advantage of type three people, always cut type one people a break and a deal and always put type two people in their place well verbally and some times physically but not literally because I would put all the greedy, conniving, scheming, wheeling and dealing rip off artist on a barge and shove it out to sea, the waves will wash it clean and it will float back to shore. (Not a legal or illegal thing, this is a moral and immoral, right and wrong thing, I have more respect for someone who sells something stolen or illegal at a fair price than someone who sells something legal and rips people off.)

Despite the fact I know he is a type two person I currently don't have the proper weapon to put him in his place, this weapon is knowledge.
Knowing the current value of the F2 catolytic converter is the information needed to deal with this type two person.

So I have been trying to figure out the current value of an 88-92F2 Cat.
The honeycomb chamber on all models and trims are the same, the downpipe to cat flange is the only difference.

Apparently no catolytic converter recycler/buyer can give me even a ball park figure as to their value with only the cars year, make and model of factory part number.
Which are:
1988-1992 626 all 2.2l trims use part number F2Y2-20-600
1988-1992 MX6 all 5speed trims use part number F2Y2-20-600
1988-1992 MX6 auto all trims use part number F2Y3-20-600

They all ask for the serial number stamped on the catolytic converter, I have sold more than 25 F2 cat's over the year an never remember seeing a serial number, rarely is there an outer housing on a cat here in Canada, the welds break, the housings rattle and get removed, I have removed many but never looked for serial numbers and when I sold cats back then we got 220$ each, got 200$ for the bare frames, paid 200$ for the car (more than the scrap yard paid at the time) and kept all the parts. But now there are no more parts cars available, I have paid to store these for 9 years and want to get what they are worth.

Does anyone know if there is a serial number on F2 the catolytics outer housing?
If yes does anyone know what it is?
Does anyone the serial number for an F2 Cat?
Does anyone have a factory cat on their car that still has the outer housing heatshield?

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I just put my car on the jackstands. I don't see any numbers on the outer housing (shield). It's still in good shape just has dirt on it. I could not see the top though. A google search came up with no serial numbers on catalytic converters, only reference numbers.
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