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I am selling my 1988 Mazda 626 LX. Just over 200k miles. 4cyl Auto. Power locks, windows, steering, brakes. It has AC, but the compressor needs replaced. The car is Silver, Blue interior. The interior is in good shape, the exterior has a few minor scratches, and a small ding in the driver side door. The tires are in very good shape, I just put on a new windshield, and parking brake cables. The car has been well maintained. It has a valid NJ inspection. The tranny needs rebuilt/replaced. I have found used trannies for Under $100, but I do not have the skill to put one in, and don't want to pay someone else to. The engine is strong. There are many new parts on this car. If you need parts, or know how to swap a tranny this would be an excellent buy. - $100

Pics of car.

Conact me at [email protected] or by phone at 609-814-9635

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the pics dont work
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