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The Color is Lexus Ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0.
It is a tri-coat paint with two coat base. The car got primed grey, then translucent black, then translucent purple then the translucent blue, then blue pearl metallic and 3 coats of clear.

My friend that I rent my garage from painted it, he swears he has never used so much paint to paint one vehicle ever and he has painted thousands of vehicle, he did have to paint the inside floors, in the trunk and engine bay also.

He has his own paint mixing set-up and at his cost there is more than 850$ worth of paint and clear that went on the car.

I have known him for 22 years and he has offered to paint my cars for 22 years no charge but I pay the paint. Having a car painted has always been the very last thing on my priority list but this 626 DX body was such an ugly faded gray it had to be painted.
I wanted it the gold/beige color of the 626 getting replaced, the cops left it alone and people didn't call the cops when I passed them at 3 times the speed they where driving. He refused to paint it the original boring factory color.

This summer he had me do some work for him, welding box sides and rockers on some trucks, then asked me to fix his friends trailer, I asked for pictures and got a pic of a small section of ramp so I agreed, when I got there it was a 50 foot long two level car hauler, took over 60 hours to fix.

I hounded him to paint the car.

Then about eight weeks ago he started nagging me to rebuild the fenders and floor and cab structure on his rusted rotting backhoe, I have nicknamed "The Nightmare", so I started making templates, plasma cutting 1/8" plate steel and fabricated 3 dimensional pieces to build the backhoe cab out of, after seeing results on the backhoe he brought my car into his shop did a bit of sanding on it and moved it around inside his shop for a full month (it holds 7 to 9 vehicles). At the 100 hour mark of work on the backhoe my frustration was building and so was his guilt.
The weather is now shit here, my shop has two MX6's in it so the 626's get worked on outside, pulling interior and wire harness clips in below 0* celcuis weather is impossible, rebuilding a bare frame in the freezing cold is miserable, so as of 3 weeks ago it was already to late for painting it to matter.

And that's when I chose this color for the car. I really like this color but I knew the paint would cost a lot and painting it would be a challenge, had it been painted 2 months ago I would not have chose this color out of respect for a free paint job.
He acted like he would have no problems painting this dealer only exclusive color but tried to sell me on different blues that where easier to paint that's when I knew I chose the right color.

I work on the backhoe every other day because I'm A) cutting with a plasma cutter or B) cutting with a grinder or C) grinding with a thick grinding disk or D) sanding with a flap disk on a grinder or E) welding with a flux core mig.
I spit black for a full day afterwards, tomorrow morning my chest will feel like it got kicked by a mule, there is an exhaust fan but it can't keep up with the fumes and metal dust in the air. I work from 3 or 4 pm until midnight because it's to hectic during the day and despite the fact they offer to help I do my best work alone.

When fabricating the backhoe parts I made every piece twice and just reversed the pieces when welding them up, I finished the drivers side tuesday and thrusday I cut the entire passenger side out of the backhoe. Friday morning when he saw that, he canceled all his jobs for the day and him and his 3 employees spent the day block sanding the 626 body for head to toe.
Then spent all day today painting it.

The car is still in the paint booth, this blue has many different hues in different light and should look best in the sun.


All paint booth lights on with flash:

Most lights out with flash:

Most lights out no flash:




No Flash:


I will be honest I never expected him to put this much effort in the preparation of the car for paint, figured it would be scuffed and painted.
I never expected the paint to look this good.
But he never expected the work on the backhoe to be done so well.

All the trim and chrome molding is going satin black, I am on a fence with the mirrors, should I go oldschool satin black or have them painted the color of the car, he still has to paint the grill, spoiler and tail light assembly trim utrasonic blue so there is still time to have the mirrors done.

I'm thinking house of Kolors translucent red on a medium dark base for the 1989 MX6 GT
The lower part is over gold base and the upper is over black, I'm thinking somewhere between the two:

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I had to get my password reset just to login to tell you how fantastic that color looks! Awesome color!
Thank you that's a strong confirmation.
Either he did a better job painting Lexus Utrasonic blue mica 2.0 or no pictures I found on the internet actually do the color justice because it has to be seen in several different shades of light to actually see the depth of the color.

I have decided to get the mirrors painted two tone, the mirror housing to match the car and the mounting base satin black.
For the door handles and brackets think the brackets to match the car and the chrome handles satin black.
all the trim and molding will be satin black including the antenna bracket.
Haven't decided what color I want the rims, will be running 97 probe gt 16" directional swirly rims, not the nicest looking rims but they are the closest to the offset needed that I have. A dark color would probably look best and more subtle.
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