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Located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Also listed with VIN # here: 1990 Mazda MX-6 on

2.2L 4-cyl w/ EVO III 16G Turbo, 10-11 PSI
Boost pressure limit removed via ECU chip
Front-wheel drive transmission rebuilt w/ MFactory Helical LSD (x2)
Aluminum Flywheel
ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate w/ Performance Street Disc (Clutch)
2.5" Exhaust from tip to turbo
Tein Super Street Coilover Suspension w/ all Pillowball Uppermounts
Front & Rear Strut Tower Bar
Polyurethane transmission mounts
Polyurethane front swaybar bushings
Upgraded/thicker trailing arms w/ polyurethane bushings
Axxis Metalmaster Brake pads
Manual windows & seat belts
AM/FM/CD/AUX Input Stereo
& much, much more!

Within the last two months, the following has been replaced:
Oil & oil filter
Oil Cooler Gasket
Passenger-side CV Axle
Engine Air Filter

Earlier this year:
Valve Cover Gasket
Sparkplugs & wires
Radiator (a rare brass, OEM replacement, NOT aluminum)

I’m the 3rd owner of this vehicle. Originally an automatic transmission, it was transported from Arizona in 2008 and converted to a manual transmission using another donor car for parts. The original engine is currently installed with the automatic throttle body assembly. The actual mileage is unknown because the instrument cluster has been replaced at least twice. It is currently not registered, but it has never had an issue passing emissions. It has been garaged for 90% of my ownership, however, it is 30 years old, and it does have cosmetic issues such as minor rust spots, old cracking moulding, etc. The most serious was caused by an accident where a pickup truck wheel rubbed against the driver’s side fender, creasing and denting the metal. It also nearly tore the front bumper off, and destroyed the driver’s side corner light. The damage has been repaired somewhat; the bumper has been securely re-attached, and the driver’s side corner lamp was replaced with a brand-new unit. Click here to see a gallery of project pictures over the years: MX6 Project Pictures - Google Drive

In addition to the car itself, there is also a complete, working turbo engine from a 1988 MX-6 GT, with a very healthy stock turbo. This engine is mated to a second manual transmission, which was also rebuilt with an MFactory Helical LSD. That means you get not one, but TWO rebuilt transmission with limited-slip differentials, which were ~$1500 each for parts & labor.

Also included are enough spare parts to assemble at least one fully functional engine, including a rebuilt short block with 0.040” larger pistons. Other parts include:
Rebuilt/Remanufactured Alternator
Rebuilt/Remanufactured Starter
Rebuilt/Remanufactured CV Axles (2x driver side, 1x passenger)
New Control Arms (1x driver & 1x passenger side)
Cylinder heads
Valve Covers
Front Fenders, blue (both sides)
Electric window motors w/ door handles, switches, and door liners
Crack-free dashboard
Steering wheel/column
Hood (red)
Trunk lid/deck, 1x white w/ no spoiler, 1x blue w/ spoiler
Head light, corner light and tail light assemblies
Door handles
New aluminum radiator
& much, much more, too much to list!

Please call or text 801-884-6481 if you are interested, preferably after 6 PM on weekdays.
No trades, cash only.

Exterior-02.JPG Exterior-03.JPG Exterior-04.JPG Exterior-05.JPG Exterior-06.JPG Exterior-07.JPG Exterior-08.JPG Exterior-09.JPG Exterior-10.JPG

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Great looking car and nicely done ad. Good luck with sale!

I will admit I just skimmed the ad, so I may have missed it... but where are you located? That can be important to a lot of perspective buyers.

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Damn thats nice. If it was in aus would've pounced on that the day it was up
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