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1990 Mazda mx6 Engine dies

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Ok this is a strange one and i was wondering if anyone could help me out.

I have a 1990 Mazda mx6 auto trans which was running fine the other day until I was driving down the road and all of a sudden the car stalls. I then decided to try and start it again which it started fine so i drove home. Then later I decided to drive up the street and the car died as soon as I got into a parking lot. Tried to start it again and it would try to turn over but to no avail. car cooled down a bit and started right up, made it up the street a little ways and it started chuggin along. Quickly pullled into a gas station then it died again, Pretty much wouldnt start after that. Towed it home and talked to a few people to find out what was wrong. Ended up changing the Ignition Module, Coil, Disty, and Ecm. mind you these were all used parts.

So I'm stuck and heres the thing. Using a Voltage reader up to the coil i have power going to that, and power to the Disty. But when i crank the car over I dont get any spark out of the coil, at least the high voltage im supposed to get. If anyone on here can help me that would be awsome!
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Sounds like you tried all the ignition parts, so look at it from a fuel angle and see if that works. Good luck
The automatic transmission shouldn't really make a difference in a NO spark situation

Is it a GT (turbo) or LX/DX (non-turbo)

The LX/DX doesn't really have an ignition module, the igniter is built into the distributor.
The GT has an ignition module, but failure of those is almost unheard of - a swap should have fixed it - if you have voltage going *into* the ignition coil, and if it was a GT, the ignition module would almost have to be fine.

ECM is also likely not the problem. Sounds like a wiring problem -
sounds like my car (89 turbo auto once upon a time) did this once. It turned out to be a mouse had chew the tiniest hole in my Throttle Position Sensor on the intake mani. Just a thought. If you had a used one to throw on there....might as well.

My car would do the same thing, everyday on teh way to work, but just once in a while (three times then i stopped driving the car till i figured it out). a few times i could get it to start.....
I know exactly what your problem is on this!!

Hey buddy. I am going to save you a great deal of toil & heartache on this one. Mine did the same exact thing about 7 months ago and it took me nearly two months to troubleshoot it. I feel your pain, but don't fret.

The problem lies in the igniter inside your distributor. The igniter is extremely simple to install as you just remove the cap & assembly without even unbolting the disty from the car. The igniter is held on by two screws and easily lifted off from its contact points.

Remember one thing though, the igniter heats up quite easily (the reason it fails in the first place) go and buy some Arctic Silver thermal grease at computer retail store. The new igniter you buy will have a metal plate on the back which is designed to transfer heat to the disty so you will want to apply a thin layer of thermal grease on this before you install the igniter.

The whole process only takes about 30 minutes or less to do if you have never done it, and about 15 if you know who the whole thing is setup. Good luck!
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Igniter, $135. Used ebay distributors, $20. Always keep one or two in the closet just incase. Last time this happened to me, I went right in there and got a spare dissy. Pulled the ICM out and BOOM back on the road.
I got a 1990 MX6 GT (turbo) that is doing the exact same thing, no spark from coil. Tested the coil and the igniter that's next to the coil and both tested fine. When I try to start the car, it turns over, but no spark from the coil and the coil gets really hot. I'm out of ideas. Anyone got any?
im having the same problem on my 92 mx6 gt. i have replaced the dizzy, ignighter, and checked all fuses still no spark...
im having the same problem on my 92 mx6 gt. i have replaced the dizzy, ignighter, and checked all fuses still no spark...
Have you checked continuity to all the wires on the disty and ignitor? Have you tested the coil to verify it's within spec still? Have you pulled the CEL codes?
the vaf sensor in the intake hose could be the case if you unplug it the car will run like shit then die and not start up again........ just a suggestion , mine did sitting in the driveway till i plugged it back in
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