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1990 MX-6 LX buildup thread

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I guess I should finally get around to making an actual buildup thread for my car. I'll remember to bookmark this one so that I don't lose track of it, heh.

First, the bad bad parts car.

Oh noes! Whar'd ma engine go?

Oh! Thar it is.

Man these cars sit high without an engine... The good car is in the garage now, staring longingly at the fresh engine. Had to stop for the night due to homework. :rolleyes:
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Old and busted....

New hotness...

Just need to finish plugging it in. :tup:
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you parts car looks like it has less rust then most car's here in the states. lol
Looks can be deceiving....

Compared to the underside of the blue one (a nice western Canada car)...
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wow thats ur garage? wish i had a place like that to work on the car. lol good luck on ur project.
Yeah, we have an attached garage on the house. Fully insulated and heated, too. :D
ha i hope it's fully insulated and heated or you'd freeze ur arse off in winter lol.
The rod bearings in the #1 and #2 pistons went. I replaced them, hoping the crank was fine. Turns out it wasn't and blew the bearings up again, taking the block with them. :(

In other news, I really really hate dishonest people. After getting the engine swapped in, and everything hooked up and running perfectly... I installed the digital instrument cluster. Couldn't get the speedometer to work. Then I remembered that the speedometer in the parts car didn't work either... Pulled the speedometer gear out of the transaxle.....

Top gear is from the parts car. Bottom gear is the one that was in my car to begin with. If I had known this during the swap, no issues. But as it is now, I have to pull the engine out again to have a working transaxle... :( And the previous owner (some teenager that "upgraded" to a Civic) nor his dad (who restored a 1965 El Camino, he should know better) mentioned anything about this.
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Blurry camera phone is blurry...

I honestly have no idea how fast I was going. Handy to 100 kph, I think...
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thats exactly where i threw a rod on my first block. LOL
What, only going 100? Keep in mind this is kph, not mph. 100 kph = 60 mph, thereabouts...
And here we take a look inside the transaxle at the speedometer gear....

And the speedometer driven gear...
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Okay campers, now I have a bit of an annoying issue that I need to remedy.

After sitting overnight, the car is very hard to start. It'll whirl over for a few seconds, catch a bit, keep whirling, catch a bit, etc. Whenever it catches I'll stomp on the gas and eventually it'll start after a couple times. After sitting in the parking lot at work or uni it'll whirl over for a bit but catch on its own without my help.

The donor car started up no problems every time I went to start it. This car also started every time without any problems when I went to start it. The original engine has the factory alternator and starter still on it while the donor car has aftermarket ones (none too old, either).

Any thoughts on this issue? Possibly a bad ground to the starter? The engine is getting ample spark and fuel.
Restoration begins... Its nice to have straight body bits on. :tup:

I took off the 5-spokes due to an imbalance issue causing the car to try and shake itself apart... not having any money to get 'em balanced I'll run these steelies for now. They have better tires on them anyways.
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hey do you happen to be selling if working the resistor pack for the blower motor and or the blower motor? i might need one for my car? thanks and good luck with your 6

The resistor in my LX only gives me two speeds and the one out of the DX doesn't work at all. Sorry. :(
do you still have the parts car? looking for a drivers window. Where abouts are you located in Canada? thanks, rod
I'm in NB and I'm actually keeping both doors whole and hearty in case I need them, sorry. :(
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