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about two months ago I purchased an abused 1991 Mazda 626 LX, 4 cyl, automatic with 172,000 miles as a project to provide a starter car for my daughter. I've fixed many problems and am ready for state inspection with one exception: the transmission will not shift into 3rd gear. In Drive, it starts in 1st OK then shifts into 2nd OK, then when the RPM gets to where you expect 3rd gear to come in, the engine just revs up like it's in neutral. If you increase RPM at that point to about 3800 it shifts back into 2nd. I replaced the Throttle Position Sensor and it fixed a flashing HOLD light problem but had no effect on the shifting. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Many thanks.

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ok flares in third it sound like your direct clutch fails to engage you might have to bring it in to a tranny shop

third gear is a achieved when the foward clutch and the direct clutch engage
for direct drive 1:1
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