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Hi All,

I just uploaded the whole 1992 Workshop Manual on my website.

Careful: Page J1-4 is showing wrong information as the box in the drawing is the H5M-R (Should be G5M-R)
This was actually a mistake in the WSM (Not Mine ... Hehe)

Feel free to check the files:
Here is the Menu First:

And Then Here are the files:
General Information (Chapter GI)
Predelivery inspection and Scheduled maintenance services (Chapter A)
Engine (Chapter B)
Lubrication System (Chapter D)
Cooling System (Chapter E)
Fuel and Emission Control System: Non-Turbo (Chapter F1)
Fuel and Emission Control System: Turbo (Chapter F2)
Engine Electrical System (Chapter G)
Clutch (Chapter H)
Manual Transaxle : Non-Turbo: G5M-R (Chapter J1) ... (Read note above regarding page J1-4)
Manual Transaxle : Turbo: H5M-R (Chapter J2)
Automatic Transaxle: G4A-EL (Chapter K)
Front and Rear Axles (Chapter M)
Steering System (Chapter N)...(File error fixed 270707)
Braking System (Chapter P) ... (Link is now fixed ... file was missin :p 260707)
Wheel and Tires (Chapter Q)
Suspension (Chapter R)
Body (Chapter S)
Body Electrical System (Chapter T)
Heater and Air Conditioning Systems (Chapter U)
Technical Data (Chapter TD)
Special Tools (Chapter ST)
Parts Index (Chapter PI)

If anybody has access to the Wiring diagrams
Part No. 5206-10-91G and

Please let me know if scanning those is possible ... This way we would have the complete information.

I will also create a thread separately for comments.


PS: Will be sticky for some time before being moved to FAQ
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