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1993 Ford Probe GT w/bolt-ons

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***DO NOT CONTACT ME ABOUT THIS SALE, I am not associated with this seller, just doing him a favour. USE THE CONTACT INFO PROVIDED***


Safety check, and emission test, was done recently.

It's a V6 5 speed.
Always synthetic oil used in engine and transmission, changed engine oil and filter every 5000-6000 kilometers.
It's got 250000 km's...Seems high, but the car's all been nipped up lately...
Engine is still very strong, in fact, I just passed the emission test with it... Transmission is in good shape, no leaks

Two sets of tires, summer tire are in good shape. 4 winter tires and rims, and 4 summer tires and rims. The winter tires are in so so shape, but I have four other all season tires that I can give you, so, you would have a grand total of 12 tires with the car

Rust proofed with krown
The paint is in good shape, no chips no scratches no rust. The body is in acceptable shape for a 1993...

Also there's a cold air intake.
Adjustable height springs for the suspension.
I'm the forth owner of the car.
It is a custom made Catback 2.25 inch diameter and the Cat is a high flow Cat made by Magnaflow.

Here is a list of parts that I changer about 15,000km's ago when I bought the car
-Inner tie rod ends
-Ball joints
-Front and rear brake pads and rotors at four corners
-New clutch kit (I resurfaced the flywheel at the same time)
-Four summer tires (kumho Ecsta Supra 712 Tires)
-Oxygen sensor
-Master cylinder for the brakes

Oh yes and an aftermarket stereo cd player with a subwoofer and amplifier with four speakers...

It's all yours...I'm making some room in the garage for the winter.

ASKING PRICE: $2500 --> now lowered to $1900

[email protected]
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Price lowered to $1900
Bump for Sam (the seller)
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