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There is a guy at my school that has a '89 rx-7 (5spd) and every morning when i park next to him he always tells me how much he is giong to kick my ass if i pull up next to him at a red light. This guy don't know shit. He thought his air filter box was his intercooler ( he thought he had a turbo but i had to burst his buble). So about a week ago i'm pulling out of the school parking lot and he pops his cluctch and spins his tires trying to intimadate me. ........... so i follow him and we couldn't find a red light so we are going 50mph down a stight flat road. i get next to him push in my clutch and glide. he looks at me and counts down his fingers 1.2.3.. so i let out my clutch oppppssss.. i'm in 1st.. i red line the shit out my car. he is pulling away but i throw it right in to 2ed and spin the hell out my tires. right about to put it in to 3ed i pass him pretty quick. you should have seen the look on his face. but wait it gets better. we get stoped at a stop light. He didn't know what hit him. ha. those things are so slow with out a turbo.

The '89-'91 n/a RX-7 kicks out about 160 hp and 140 ft lbs torque. In stock form the lightweight GTU could do mid-high 15's in the quarter, the heavier GXL about high 15- low 16's. All depends on the launch, cause launching a rotary can be somewhat tricky. Trust me I own an '87. But you have the torque advantage and if memory serves me your gearing is slightly higher then his. I predict a close race.

I must say though, if that guy knows anything about modding a rotary he can easily get 200 hp in n/a form. Just watch yourself cause the sleepers are out there.
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