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1993 MX6, dies when warm

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Just picked up a mx6 super cheap

When its cold it starts right up, idles fine. But as it warms up it idles worse and worse until it starts dieing out.

When the idle is crappy you can still rev it easy and it sounds fine, car accelerates normally.

Thanks for any help,

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Is the check engine light on?

Here's how to read the codes, to diagnose the check engine light: 1993-1995 Engine Controller Malfunction Codes (get a paper clip, and use it to connect the 'ten' and 'gnd' pins in the diagnostic box next to the battery, then turn the key to 'on' and watch the cel flash). I would do this even if the check engine light is not on.

When it warms up, it should idle at around 650 rpm. Is it just a very low idle rpm, or does it idel rough even at around 650rpm? If the former, maybe it just needs the idle raised (big Phillips screw on the top of the throttle body, turn it counterclockwise to raise the idle).
Try checking the EGR valve. If it is sticking open, you could get symtoms like this--and in a 1993 it won't show any codes.
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No codes... but as it idles low just about every light comes on as it dies :(

it idles a little rough yes.. like a miss or not enough fuel.air.timing
I had the same symptoms in my 93. I removed the EGR and gave it a really good cleaning. Reinstalled it and then did a seafoam cleaning (through the vacuum lines) and it is fairly smooth new. It's not perfect, but it doesn't seem like it's going to die anymore. I think the EGR is still a little gummy (these earlier ones don't come apart to clean them), but I'm too cheap to spend $300 for a new one when it's running fine otherwise.
Mine also pulsated pretty decently out the exhaust at idle before the cleaning.
i say adjust your tps. look in the faq on this site and it should tell you pretty early in it how to adjust your tps and other reasons why it could be idling retardedly. i don't think egr would do this. a lot mx6's don't even have egr and they don't have this problem.
okay now i noticed that the CEL does come on when it starts to idle low or die, but it doesnt store a code.

i'll check the tps and egr
it idles great when its cold, and revs and accelerates nicely. Just this idle issue
so does the egr open at idle cause thats the only way this could happen isnt it
maybe your egr is stuck open all the time or there's some kind of leak, your tps needs adjusting, your TB needs cleaning or the EGR pathway in your TB needs clearing (there was a thread on how to clean that specific area pretty recently). adjust your IAC and stuff
Was able to pull the codes

code 16 (EGR) so i'll have to take a look at that.

It doesnt start acting up at all until i drive it i noticed.

You can let it sit and idle and rev it all over for however long and it runs great. But as soon as you drive half a block, CEL comes on and it starts dieing out.
My '94 had the same problem. Turned out to be a vacume leak on the intake gasket. I removed the EGR first and that didn't fix it. If your EGR isn't the problem spray carb cleaner around your intake, if it stalls out you have found the problem.


Ok, so you must have either a I4 for California or a V6 to get the code 16. (In my earlier post, I assumed that like me you had a non-CA I4, which can't give a code 16.)

Here is what the 93 Shop Manual says: 16 Open or short circuit, EGR valve stuck.
The EGR should be closed when the engine is cold or at idle. That means no vacuum going to it. (And that it has returned to its normal closed position with the vaccum off.) If the EGR is open you've got exhaust flowing into the intake manifold, which is ok at high engine speeds but not at idle--hence the rough idle or stall.

Code 41 is solenoid valve VRIS 1. Someone with the V6 will have to tell you about this, as the I4 doesn't have them and this is one problem I'm not familiar with.
Replaced the EGR and egr solenoids along with a bunch of vacuum tubes. Runs great now
Replaced the EGR and egr solenoids along with a bunch of vacuum tubes. Runs great now
Great to hear.:tup:
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