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1995 Mx-6 2.0l

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Im thinking bout buying this 95 MX-6 its gorgous black 60k, but its a 2.0 and auto :( so that only means 118hp:( i wanted to know if i could swap it for a KI-ZE 200hp FWD engine?

J-Spec Autosports

Is there ne performace parts i can get to realy improve the performace???
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I really hate to rain on people's parades, but I don't think this is the car to consider engine swaps with. The KLZE 200ish hp engine doesnt bolt up the the I4 engine bay without serious mods. (Basically you'd need a V6 front end for donor parts. And the tranny you have woulnd't bolt up to this engine. Not that you'd want it to as the CD4E is notoriously weak. If you want more power I would suggest trying to sell you 6 and get the LS version in a 5 speed. That's the best I can come up with.
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