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So i am selling off my last MX-6. I still love them, but am getting into Probe's now. goes:

1995 Mazda MX-6 LX
---Champagne Exterior
---Tan/Beige Interior(Excellent Condition)
---178,000 miles

Selling for $800.00 AS-IS

Let's start with the good: Car runs AWESOME! Got it from the original owner, who drove almost 125 miles everyday on the highway. He babied this car!! Runs like a champ. Has new of the following: NGK Plugs, Mazda wires, cap and rotor, front brake pads, newly cut rotors, timing belt done about 30k miles ago, Centerforce clutch (not performance...regular OEM replacement...including TO Bearing), front tires (yokohama), and a few other small odds and ends.

Now the bad: Body is in kinda rough shape. i got into a little highway melee a few months ago, and the front bumper was destroyed. i got a new one from the junkyard, and its on. the drivers fender is a little messed up...has a dent. i CAN get a MINT one from a local junkyard if needed...its green though. anyway, front bumper is primered gray. also, there is a dent after the pass door(quarter panel). It can be banged out and bondoed, or it could be replaced with a new piece. its not all that bad really. other than that, theres the normal small dor dings and such. i was going to fix the car and sell it for alot more, but have lost time and interest.

The interior is in excellent condition. It is tan/beige color, has a sunroof and all power options.everything works as it should. i can put a factory radio in if wanted, but if not reqested i wont waste my time. the speakers up front were replaced with junk pioneers...factories were blown. other than that, i dont know what else to say. it is an excellent winter beater for anyone with a kitted 6 or anything, or just a good all around commuter car. like i said, it runs EXCELLENT! i hate to get rid of it, but i can only have one car in my driveway, and my probe will be filling the space shortly. i will take a few pics of the car within the next few days. i live in woonsocket RI if anyone wants to come and see it. email me at [email protected] if you have any questions!!
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