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This car had not been run for about three months so I took it for a run yesterday. It had been left with me by my nephew because the engine had been missing and he could not find a solution.

Injector cleaner has been run through it on two occasions.

Yesterday it started well and idled correctly at 750 rpm. No miss. For the first part of the journey it did not miss and was demonstrating good power.

But after about 20 kilometres it began to miss above 50 k/hr. Particularly noticeable when accelerating. Not so noticeable when cruising at sixty or eighty. Below fifty no missing.

Out on the highway it accelerated to 110 and 120 km and it would hold these speeds but the miss was very noticeable when accelerating.

It was a hot day but the engine did not overheat. After the highway drive it missed at lower speeds below 50 km/hr., again especially noticeable when accelerating.

My general impression was that the car seemed to operate better when it was cooler and at the beginning of the trip. The miss became more and more evident after the 120 speeds had been attained. It even began to miss at idle.

On a short followup trip the car missed all the way, both at lower and higher speeds. There was still good acceleration however.

Anybody got a guess as to what is going on?

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