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1996 Mx-6 key broken in ignition

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I just bought a 1996 MX-6 a week ago and the key is broke off in the ignition well it was broke when i got it . Now how do i replace the ignition ???? any one
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try the 2nd gen forum, 1st gen only covers 88-92.
Ebay. Yesterday it was at .99 with no bids and no reserve
I have to do this too as the key is broken off in my ignition too. Luckily I have another ignition from my parts car. I hear it's pretty easy to do. But I also hear it's pretty easy to switch the entire steering column. If you don't have a haynes manual, here's the link to the online car manual:

If you still decide to switch only the ignition, you'll have to get new shear bolts OR use a rotary tool to put little grooves into the shear bolts that are on there in order to use a screw driver to take them out
I had this in my pgt and all I can say is good luck if you try to get it out. I swapped my ignition out and then just for fun I tried to pull the key out of the old one for a spare, with no luck. I havent tried in a while but it is sitting on a shelf with the rest of my parts waiting for another shot, but ultimatley your better off getting a different one and save a lot of hassle.
I have heard this sometimes works: put a drop of crazy glue on the end of your remaining key, insert it in the lock, wait 1 minute, then slowly pull it out.

Or visist a locksmith, who could fix it very quickly.
It depends what part of the key is broke off if its just the tip your pretty much screwed because the tumblers fall down blocking the extraction path.

I swapped my ignition out its really easy. Just take the steering colum apart (take screws out) until you can get at the ignition. It just takes a little bit of time and patience.

ALSO dont forget to change your door locks while your at it so you don t have to carry 2 keys :)
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