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1997 Ford Probe F/S $3,000 OBO

Base Model/White Exterior/Grey-Black Interior

Cold Air Intake

Monza Pacesetter Cat-Back Exhaust
(Nice and deep throaty sound when idling or around 2-3k rpms, but when you get up around 5-7k rpms it sounds very nice, a good sounding exhaust not annoying like the universal $40 exhausts.)

Hi Flow Cat-Test Pipe (Offers a better deeper sound, and better performance while still helping out the ozone.)

1-4'' Adjustable Coilovers ( Installed correctly and professionaly at Tri-Tech, they are all droped 3.5'' all around gives the car a nice stance.)

Eibach Alignment Kit (Fixed the chamber problem from lowering the car, professionally aligned at Tri-Tech an automotive school with some of the best teachers in Washington.)

OBX 10.3MM Competition Wires (Had to replace the stock wires soon so upgraded to some blue wires that offer a little cleaner burning and performance.)

I Installed a Kenwood CD Player which offers decent sound. The car itself is mint, just a little dent on the roof which for some reason pops out a little more than in, I havent checked to see what it costs, but its really easy to see past and doesnt affect the cars performance.

The car has 90,XXX miles and I bought it August of 2004 with 78,XXX miles. (I will get an exact mileage of when I bought it, I just remember of the top of my head it being around 78K.
Its a 5 Speed Tranny, And I flushed all the fluids just recenty which includes: Tranny, Coolant, Brake (90k Service)

Any Questions about the car, please email
[email protected]

I live in Washington in the Tri-Cities Area.


Trying to sell because this was my first own car, I drove my parents for a while till I decided I wanted to get a Probe. Im looking to upgrade to a Probe GT from 94-97 and I would prefer it to be a Manual Tranny.

I will also have photos up in a day or two. For the past week it has rain non-stop and I cant wash the car in the garage.
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