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How do i change my timing belt/water pump

make sure your wheels are stopped off with wood or bricks and your hand brake is on firmly and all water is emptied from cooling system if replacing water pump. i took my car out of gear as it reduced the chance of engine movement while timing belt was off.
all work undertaken was done on a cold engined car.
i accept no responsibility for damage, or injury arising from instructions given, or acts of sheer stupidity on the repairers part. this is submitted for reference only and shouldnt be used in place of the appropriate workshop procedures.

1 remove your front wheel and keep your jack under the car as you will need to use a jack stand or some bricks and wood to support the car.
2 once you have the car supported on the jack stand or bricks etc. slide your wheel you have taken off under the car closest to the edge your working on. its cheap insurance in case of an earthquake your car is put off balance and it falls on you.
3 take the jack and get a piece of wood and place it between the sump and the top of the jack. jack it to the point where the wood is firmly pressing against the oil sump. use a flat area of the sump try not to jack on the curves or slope as oil is slippery and your jack will tip over whilst your jacking it up and.....
4 next remove the splash guard it has 5-6 bolts on it.
5 now remove the top timing cover with the 4 bolts in its place
6 for clearance to access the adjuster of the alternator you may need to remove your EGR valve its only 3 bolts.
7 now release and remove the tension on your alternator and A/C belts
8 you will need to get a pry bar to loosen the 2 nuts on the engine mount and a deep 17mm socket. these nuts are on very tight for obvious reasons so be patient. it took me 5 tries before i cracked only 1 nut if you can get a person to steady the socket as you turn the bar its even better.
9 once the nuts are cracked loosen them only a bit.
10 lower the jack slightly and check to see if the jack is in fact holding the weight of the engine.
11you should see some movement of the engine
12 now continue to loosen the nuts further up the thread and slowly lower the jack accordingly so the engine starts to lower.
13 at this point the nuts should almost be off the engine mount threads. you need to remove the engine mount attached to the body of the car. this is held by one bolt with a nut. the head of the bolt has a squared head on it.
14 loosen the nut on the engine mount. once the engine mount is loose it should lift straight off and out.there will be 2 spacers in the mount be sure to keep them.
15 now your left with and engine balanced by a jack and no left engine mount
16 you will need to loosen the 6 bolts on the crank pulley. use a quick action so to prevent engine movement and pulley movement it wont matter if you move the pulley but you may knock the jack and make it unstable.....
17 once the 6 bolts are out ,the pulley will come off
18 there will be one crank pulley in your hand with a thin metal crank baffle plate
19 at this point you will be able to remove the lower timing cover with its 2 bolts in place
20 now loosen the left idler tensioner next to the timing belt. i unclipped the spring attached to get better slack on the timing belt.
21 now with firm pressure using your hands the timing belt will come off. MAKE ALL EFFORT NOT TO MOVE THE CAMSHAFT OR CRANK PULLEYS.also remember the way you removed the belt ie clockwise/anti clockwise, as this will help you reinstall it later.
22 remove both the idler and tensioner from the casing
23 now remove the bolts holding on the water pump. there will be one bolt thats shorter than the rest of the pump ones . remember where this one goes its important.
24 if your finding it hard to access some of the bolts you can use the jack to raise and lower the engine for access
25 remove the water pump housing
26 ensure all surfaces are clean and free of water oil and other matter that will affect the adhesion of the sealant and gasket.
26 prepare the gasket and sealant ready to be fastened to the engine block.
27 you will now be ready to reverse all the instructions given to you starting by fastening the pump to the block.

if you have any more queries about this procedure you can pm me or e-mail [email protected]
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