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My temp gauge is not workin properly

The sensor is a resitor that graduatly chances it value when it gets warmer. it is 233 ohm when cold. and around 16 Ohm when your car is really hot!. So you are not going to measure power there because it is ground. what you could do is measure the difference in volt between the + pole of your battery ant the top of the sensor. it should go down when gettin' hotter .

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resistors :
-233 Ohm
-104.1 Ohm
-21.1 Ohm
-16.1 Ohm

They probably don't have the exact values but maza just used those extreem precise values to make us by an sst i guess.

what you do is the following
disconnect the connector from the sensor
  1. disconnect the connector from the sensor
  2. put one end of the resistor in the connector
  3. now put the other end of the resistor to mass
  4. according to the resistor you took youre gauge should read accordingly

    so if you use
    233 ohm it should read coldest (first stripe),
    104.1 ohm it should be in the begining of the working area
    21.1 ohm it should be in the end of the working area
    16.1 ohm it should be in the last stripe (overheated)

    so if your gauge works correct you know it is the sensor and if the gauge is off it's the gauge ..

    keep it cool
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