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What are all the black boxes under my seat?

As per the factory service manual: (pg 50-PA) (1987 PN: 9999-95-019S-88) These are the boxes that would be under your seats depending on the options that were included on your car.

Ok here we go from the front of the car right to left:
bottom (total of 4 places to bolt boxes)
1) Electronic 2WS controller or 4WS controller
2) ABS Controller
3) Automatic Seat belt motor controller
4) AAS Controller

Bolted to passenger seat:
3 Dimension Subwoofer

Item #1 has an adjustment to change the feed back to the steering wheel. H for High feedback


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i know this is a old topic but is that the same with the 88 mazda 626 turbo cause i have 2 box under the front seats both drivers side and passanger side
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