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Thanks for looking!

Well, time has finally come to part with the DX.

Here are the details. 231K on original engine, rebuilt tranny at around 203K. Lots of documented new parts. PGT wheels with Mazda center caps, but one is reportedly bent and I have the full sized spare on now.

The bad
Coolant leak that I can't find. I typically add a little to the overflow tank every week. Has never overheated.

Whine from the fuel tank. Recently had a problem with bad gas and put a new fuel pump in, but the sound won't go away.

A click sound from the front end when shifting into drive. From advice here, most have said it's either a strut mount or motor mounts.

A slight valve cover leak. The gasket is less than two years old and it may need to be tightened. (I don't have a torque wrench.)

A little body rust that is documented in the pictures.

The car will pull to the right sometimes. Also may be related to the strut mounts. I don't really know.

No A/C.

No rear speakers. The wires are there intact and ready to be added to another set. Size = 6.5 in.

One the back seat sections doesn't latch. One doesn't unlock.

The good
Has Aiwa CD player that I bought 4 years ago. Still plays really good. Will remove if you don't want it or don't need it.

Has Pioneer 4" speakers in the front. Will remove these as well.

Paint is in good condition for 14 years old. Some light fade spots on the hood and roof.

Regular old changes since 178K. I have all paperwork of oil changes and parts bought since I got it.

I have a Haynes guide to go with it. I know it's not the best, but it's helped me a lot.

This is about everything that I know about the car. Anything else that I see or remember, I'll add to the thread later. I want to disclose as much as possible because the car is not in pristine condition, but I don't want to cheat or deceive anyone in this transaction. This car will need work if you buy it!

$600 as is, including CD player.

$550 without CD player

Whoever buys the car also gets all the maintenance records and Haynes manual.

Ask questions here or PM me or email me at [email protected].
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