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Hello 👋 So my build thread officially starts today!

I have to change the head gasket first before I even start I and feel like now would be a good time to build the head. I figured the following should be done at this time.

NOTE: I have put a Star next to the parts I already have acquired for the first step of this adventure.

cams (turbo grind
Arp Head studs *
cometic headgasket *
Valve job
Port and polish
Gates timing belt *
Gates timing tensioner *
Oem water pump *
Crank sensor

Pulling head first thing in the morning then off to the machine shop she goes.
Lead time is about 3 weeks out so I don’t have much time to source cams does anyone have any information on any company’s that offers turbo cams for this engine?

Will report back tomorrow with head damage report.
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