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2.0 on nos

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I was wondering before I start spraying if I need to stop spraying inbetween shifts (its an auto)? This is my setup
tranny cooler
msd blaster coil
strut bars front and back
1 step colder plugs
zex 55 shot
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I was asking because of the fuel cut or if there is one inbetween shifts on the auto. I still haven't finished wiring everything yet so I still have time and I dont want to mess up my tranny
my other idea was a window switch
but I am afraid it would still spray between shifts because it is still inbetween the rpm's it was set at.
my other idea is when there is fuel cutoff does your fuel pressure stop? if so could I put a fuel pressure safety switch for it to stop?
anybody?? I would like to know from someone who has a auto on n20
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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