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2.0 on nos

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I was wondering before I start spraying if I need to stop spraying inbetween shifts (its an auto)? This is my setup
tranny cooler
msd blaster coil
strut bars front and back
1 step colder plugs
zex 55 shot
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once you hit the spray button, i dont think anyone out there stops the spray of nos during the gear shifts. haven't heard of such...though this is first time i see someone ask.
well you will end up hurting the trans sooner or later but it's good that i see you do have a trans cooler on your setup. just a thought though, the more power you build, the more likely components in your car will fail.

I would suggest a fuel pump. I dont remember quite right but the walbros are rated 170 255 and etc right? If so, i would get the 170psi(psi right?) walbro fuel pump. Though people will argue, but i believe if you run a thicker power lead to the fuel pump, it will be as good and strong as the 255psi walbro pump- but u dont have to take my word for it, just food for thought.
thankx skiiman. I had a hunch i had it backwards. I haven't look at these cars for awhile.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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