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I'm looking for an amp for my speakers. What would be the difference b/w a 2 and 4 channel amp? Is their any performance differences? and the same for the Ohm, what is the difference b/w 2 and 4 ohms.

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actually 2 channel means the amp has a left and right channel. meaning if you hooked up 2 speakers to it you would hear the difference between them in stereo sound. (for example, if a CD makes a sound effect on the left channel you will hear it mostly through the left speaker). you can also hook up 1 speaker to a 2 channel amp if you desire. this is called bridging. you can do the same for a 4 channel amp (hooking up 2 speakers to 4 channels). if they have the same overall power rating, the only difference b/w the 2 is the ability to fade F/R with the 4 channel.
An Ohm is a unit of impedance, or resistance. it tells you how much resistance is on the electrical current. 2 ohms is half the resistance of 4 ohms so therefore twice the current will flow through the coil at a given voltage (theoretically).
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