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Hey Guys,

Allstar Performance and the MX-3 Owners Club of Atlanta is hosting a Mazda Meet on November 15th, 2003 from 12-7.

It wll be @ All-Star Performance in Alpharetta, GA.

(Although its mainly a Mazda meet, everyone is invited...)

Things Going on:

~Live DJ's

Tentatively planned:
~World Challenge Racecars (the Proteges)
~We are trying to get Jim Downing to come & bring the LMP car
~Mazmart & Mazcare should be there
~Jim Ellis to bring hot new 2004 Models

Anyway-- Its going to be fun and we want a big turnout to show some love for the beloved Mazda and just to get all the Mazda Fans together for a great afternoon.

Here is the web-banner... PLEASE post this on every Mazda Forum you can find:

Please email me for more info!!
[email protected]

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Gee, that's the same weekend as Myrtle Madness, the largest Probe/MX-6 national gathering of the year put on by NPON.


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AND thats also the same day as
the MR2/Celica Meet in Orlando at the RaceRock Cafe
over 50 MR2's from FLA and GA are suppose to meet up

I can't miss that. alot closer to home also for me

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A Little Update for you guys....

Allstar Performance: 770-740-9341
off Hwy 9 past McFarland Rd.
address is: 1040A Nine North Drive. Alpharetta, GA

Put that Address ino MapQuest for Specific Directions...

More info on whats happening:

We will also have a Dyno on hand. Prices for the Dyno are to be determined. Look for Vitek, Razzi, Traffic Jams, Matworks, and more to be announced.

The meet itself is free, but we are going to try and raise money for Bert's Big Adventure through donations. If you don't know what Bert's Big Adventure is, basically, Q100 takes terminally ill children and their families to Disney world for a few days. This will be the second year and there are pics on the site of last years event. $.01-??? will help and any and ALL proceeds will be going to Q100. If nothing else, come out and show support.

Come get one last get together in before the end of the year. Everyone is welcome. For directions, please contact Allstar Performance at 770-740-9341.

We look forward to seeing you guys!!

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Sorry Guys-- The meet has been Cancelled.

I got a message this morning to let me know that the Shop that was hosting our meet was Evicted from their building yesterday.


We are working on re-scheduling this event due to the huge support we have received from the Atlanta Mazda Community.

We put a lot of work into thism and then this crap happens.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.

Please be on the lookout for this to be bigger and better in the NEAR future.
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