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2009 Lancer Ralliart!!!!!!

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It looks like Mitsubishi decided to create a Lancer that was somewhere between the base GTS model and the Evo.
It looks like it ended up closer to the Evo side and at $25k (as opposed to close to $40k for an Evo) it is a very attractive option.

- Same engine, but smaller turbo than Evo
- 18" wheels like Evo, bit not as wide
- Suspension closer to GTS Lancer than Evo
- auto-manual gearbox is from the top-of-the-line MR Evo with paddle shifters
- larger disc brakes but not the Brembos from the Evo
- AWD but different drivetrain than the Evo.

I bet with some aftermarket suspension and tuning this would come pretty close to the Evo.
I will have to see how the price/value works out when they release the full pricing.

Check out the full review here: First Drive: 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart - MSN Autos
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Serioulsy, no one is interested in this?
This should be a serious WRX-killer. it is essentially an Evo-light...
Looks interesting, but Im guessing that everyone is waiting til its on the showroom floor, since Mitsu has been having the "Will or wont we make the ralliart this year? guessing game going on for years now...
sounds good for the price but not my cup of tea
They are showing up in showrooms over November and December.

If they are anywhere close to an Evo, I will likely buy one.
WOW! a ralliart that is actually worth a damn! I think this will soak up alot of evo sales and be very popular with the tuner crowd. I wish they would have just thrown a normal 5/6 speed in it.
after the last ralliart disappointment - this is certainly interesting!
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I am really not sure if this is a good thing or not. It is probably good for Mitsubishi.
But I really wanted an Evo but could barely justify the price (close to $40k).

Now they have a tamer and less expensive version it will be nearly impossible to justify an Evo. And even then if I got an Evo it will be mistaken for the Ralliart.

Of course, if in reality I could not have justified the expense of an Evo anyway, then this is a great alternative.
I'll take an '09 WRX sedan, thank you.
Wonder if that will hurt their EVO sale.
sounds like you could easily change it into an evo ... basically the same car for quite a bit less
just as an FYI - the wrx now has the 2.5 engine from the STI - lower boost, slightly smaller turbo.
just as an FYI - the wrx now has the 2.5 engine from the STI - lower boost, slightly smaller turbo.
But it's still ugly. The Lancer is much better looking, but the previous model generations of both cars were far more attractive looking vehicles.

On a side note, are Evo sales really that good that one could worry this would take away profits from it? I've seen more GT-R's and IS-F's then Evo's in Canada. Mind you we never had the previous version because our bumper tests suck.
I went to a mitsu dealership and one of the salesperson told me that it should be arriving next week (october 27th). The price range he told me was around 30k. The specs are up on their website (

I was contemplating getting one, but i decided to get the MKV instead. Not sure of the reason I came up with but that was my decision at the time.
Yeah, I am not as enthusiastic about it now that I have done some research. The Evo is not selling well because there are a lot of other options for $40k. I think the Ralliart will sell better than the Evo but it is still overpriced IMO.
The best thing about the Evo is its suspension, and you get none of that in the Ralliart.
You do get the Evo MR's Twin Clutch SST transmission, but mated with the 240hp engine it is just plain overkill.
The truth is that you can buy an Evo for $40k and be perfectly happy with it or you can buy a Ralliart for $30k and be happy with some parts and unhappy with others.
Neither one offers much of a deal IMO.

Still if you require an AWD sports car, and you care about how it looks, then there is not much better than the Evo.
AWD turbos and 500+ pounds of tech dosnt do it for me.

I'm all about light weight N/A midsized sport coupes.

In other words no one makes a car for me any more:(
Well there is the Lotus Elise...
Well there is the Lotus Elise...
It's not exactly mid sized lol. I like a balanced light weight car but I'm not exactly petite.

The MX-6 is nearly the perfect car for me. RWD would be nice but I can cope.

Sadly even if mazda drops a 6 coupe to compete with the altima and accord coupes it'll weigh well over 3K pounds.
Buuuuuuuuuuuut......its still a Mitsubishi.
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