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I have 245/45/16 Potenzas on my RX7 rims and I am about to get Ground Control coilovers. With my Intrax right now, the tires scrape the wheel well lips when I turn or when I hit a big bump. This is mainly because I got my front wheels cambered back to stock with my stock wheels before I knew I was getting the RX7 rims/tires.

Now, if I have the Ground Controls I'd want to drop it most or all the way down, probably 2.25 inches. I was going to get the wheel well lips cut off before I put in the Ground Controls but I doubt that would be enough if I was doing a 90 degree turn. As far as cambering, I'm getting the spring perches on my struts cut off which might free up some room, but theres really not a lot of room back there anyways, slightly more than a quarter of an inch between the tires and the strut tube. I'm not sure how much further negative I can get it cambered. My question is, do you think the cambering would keep it from scraping? Or do I need to get smaller tires? Thanks.
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